Hanging Lake – Glenwood Canyon, CO

This place is such a gem… Hidden in Glenwood Canyon, CO, this hike is only 3 miles round trip (1200 feet of elevation gain)… It was formed by a geologic fault that caused the lake to drop  down from the valley above it; the lake literally split in two! It resulted in waterfalls and the beautiful dripping moss that hangs down from the upper part of the lake. Note: Hanging lake parking lot gets really crowded if you go in the morning, so go in the afternoon!


Hanging Lake
Ben being silly!


Me being silly!


Grizzly creek is a great place to hike too if the hanging lake parking lot is full. There are little wooden houses, waterfalls, and a beautiful creek of course.


Author: Jazzy Van

Hi I’m Jasmin! I’m a 23 year old Eurasian adventurer. I grew up in San Clemente, CA and currently reside in Vail, Colorado. I’m an avid backpacker, snowboarder, rock climber, road tripper and all around adventurer. I love jumping out of planes and off of bridges. During the winters you can find me racing down mountains on my snowboard and during summers I’ll be jumping country to country. Catch me if you can!

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