MI to CO – Road Trip Day 2

Marie and I hit the road again after our free continental breakfast in Ironwood, MI. Yum!


Superior falls was our first destination. A short drive away from our motel, why not start another morning with a waterfall? We continued onto Potato Falls (now we were in Wisconsin!) where we actually saw some other people for the first time!

We did some hiking and exploring around here, then ran into this nice gentleman named Gary, who mistook Marie for someone else. But funnily enough, Marie was good friends with the girl he thought she was! How funny right?! We chatted with Gary for a bit and he told us we HAD to go to Bayfield and take the ferry to Madeline Island to check out Tom’s Burned Down Cafe ; so we did of course!The best part about road tripping is running into locals and taking their advice on things to check out. He also recommended fish tacos at Patsy’s in Washburn, so we fueled up before our next adventure. We got to Bayfield shortly after and bought a round trip ferry ticket. We sprinted to the ferry terminal because we thought we were late (we were wrong haha). We spent our whole time on the island at the cafe. It was a sight to see as soon as we arrived. It was literally built right on top of it’s old foundation when the original one burned down.

IMG_0570 2
The infamous cafe!

It was very artsy, covered in funny quotes and sayings painted on pieces of wood… We grabbed a few drinks and walked around, determined to read them all!

What a blast! After we had our fill of bloody mary’s (or at least I did), we headed further west to Pattison State Park for, you guessed it, more waterfalls! Here was Wisconsin’s tallest waterfall!

IMG_0582 2


We continued on our way to Minneapolis, our destination for the night. We used Couchsurfing.com to connect with some locals to stay with for the night! We met Christian and Joe and we had such a great night out on the town. We played pool, shared beers, and talked for hours until we realized it was 5 am. So much for getting a full night of sleep for our long drive the following day! Oh well, worth it!


Author: Jazzy Van

Hi I’m Jasmin! I’m a 23 year old Eurasian adventurer. I grew up in San Clemente, CA and currently reside in Vail, Colorado. I’m an avid backpacker, snowboarder, rock climber, road tripper and all around adventurer. I love jumping out of planes and off of bridges. During the winters you can find me racing down mountains on my snowboard and during summers I’ll be jumping country to country. Catch me if you can!

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